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Hello there! It’s nice to have you in my blog!

Lady Bookamore began her journey on March 2018, with a handful of review copies, providing her initial services for free of cost.

However, with experience and expertise, Lady Bookamore has been devoting more of her time, concentration, and efforts in her reviews, in order to make it easy for the reader to choose the book according to his or her choice. And yes, Lady Bookamore evolves with every book read as well as with every review published.

My blog stands testimony to the fact that all my reviews are written in a simple and lucid language, and presented in a systematic and logical sequence of thought and criticism.

Therefore, Lady Bookamore charges a feasible amount for authors and PRs alike. The terms and conditions are as follows —

  1. Physical advanced review copies (ARCs) are preferred.
  2. In case of e-Books, the payment to be done will be slightly higher, since reading from e-Books takes a more significant amount of time and effort.
  3. The amount to be paid is not the same for every book. It varies on the basis of the type (prose/short story/poetry/nonfiction), format (paperback/eBook) as well as the number of pages in the book.
  4. All payments are to be done beforehand via Paytm, Google Pay, or PayPal (Amazon Gift Cards will be considered in exceptional situations)
  5. The reviews will be uploaded within a period of two weeks after receiving the book on this blog, Instagram, Twitter, my Facebook page and Amazon as well.

Finally, I look forward to develop and improve not only my blog, but also establish good relations and acquaintanceship with writers and publishers. Therefore, your trust and cooperation is what I need the most in order to become a successful book blogger and reviewer.

For more details pertaining to review programs and organising blog tours, please visit the Contact page.

Thank you.

With regards,

Apurba Ganguly (AKA Lady Bookamore)

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