Book Reviews

Stories are told and retold.

It is the job of a blogger to introduce and reintroduce them to you.

Lady Bookamore has been reviewing books since March 2018, and the journey has been great so far. She has been reviewing books of Rupa Publications, Harper Collins India, Penguin India, and Bloomsbury India as well.

Lady Bookamore’s endeavours are listed as follows. You may give it a go by clicking any of them to know about how Lady Bookamore reviews a book.

  1. The Boy by Nrupal Das
  2. The Wedding Planner by Mariam Hasnain
  3. Meera : Love More Than Allowed by Shipra Sinha Sakxena
  4. SG Suicide Game by Haidji
  5. Made of Stardust by Arun Kumar
  6. Agniputr : When Agni First Spoke by Vadhan
  7. Legends Over Generations by Ashraf Haggag
  8. Trickster by Vinaya Bhagat
  9. Unlocked Silences by Mukhpreet Khurana
  10. Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar by Kochery C. Shibu
  11. Hope and Sunshine by Debasmita Nath Ghosh
  12. Chennai to Chicago : Memoirs of a Software Engineer by Sriram Ramakrishnan
  13. On The Open Road by Stuti Changle
  14. Newsman : Tracking India in the Modi Era by Rajdeep Sardesai
  15. The Friend by Teresa Driscoll
  16. Life is the Flower, Love is the Honey by Surabhi Sharma
  17. Time Crawlers : Stories from Parallel Universes by Varun Sayal
  18. Dying Thoughts : First Touch by Joey Paul
  19. Love, Take Two by Saranya Rai
  20. Tides Don’t Cross by Simar Malhotra
  21. Mehr by Siddhartha Gigoo
  22. Divided by Partition, United by Resilience by Mallika Ahluwalia
  23. Invisible Ties by Nadya A. R.
  24. Patna Blues by Abdullah Khan
  25. Two Leaves and a Bud by M A Chacko
  26. The Passenger by Lisa Lutz
  27. Yeh Unn Dinoñ Ki Baat Hai by Yasir Abbasi
  28. Sometimes It Happens by Karan Sharma
  29. Playwrights by Rajesh Talwar
  30. The Vanishing of Subhash Bose by Rajesh Talwar
  31. To The Lions by Holly Watt
  32. Still Loved…Still Missed! by Mridula
  33. The Perfect Drug by Chaitanya Saini
  34. Doing Justice by Preet Bharara
  35. Kaifi Azmi : Poems | Nazms by Sudeep Sen
  36. Clearing the Air by Tim Smedley
  37. The Billionaire’s Funeral by Elijah Brahms
  38. The Sleepless Beauty by Rajesh Talwar
  39. Ballots and Breakups by Sunita Aron
  40. Narasimha by Kevin Missal
  41. The Wise Man Said by Priya Kumar
  42. Alumni of the Year by Tomson Robert
  43. Ashok and the Nine Unknown by Anshul Dupare
  44. I Will Go With You by Priya Kumar
  45. Sacrifice by Ameya Kale
  46. A Nuclear Matricide by Rajesh Talwar
  47. The McMahon Line by J.J. Singh
  48. The Speaking Stone by Ratnadip Acharya
  49. The Great Indian Bust by Rishabh Bhatnagar
  50. Infin-Eight by Prajeet Budhale
  51. Your Destination Has Arrived by Barry Cheema
  52. Quichotte by Salman Rushdie
  53. A Useful Death by Sriram Chellapilla
  54. The Sound of the Hours by Karen Campbell
  55. Ease by Mukhpreeet Khurana
  56. The Soul of Truth by Shaji Madathil
  57. The Carol of the Reactors by Vishal Suchak
  58. Spies, Lies, and Red Tape by Amit Bagaria
  59. Supercop of Aryavrat by Mithilesh Kumar
  60. Whisper in the Wind by Venita Coelho
  61. Royals by Emma Forrest
  62. In Search of Home by VK Mehta and Mahek Sharma
  63. Badoga by Pankaj Saini
  64. Legitimacy of Power by Dilip Sinha
  65. Words Matter by Shreya Krishnan and Jacintha Jayachandra
  66. Age of the Imperfect Leader by Pawan Verma
  67. Murder at Moonlight Cafe and other stories by Ishavasyam Dash
  68. Dream Beyond Shadows by Kartikeya Ladha
  69. The Chennai Killings by Chital Mehta
  70. The Place Where Rivers Meet by Yumlam Tana
  71. The King of the Sea by Nandan Gautam
  72. Life in Different Colours by Pratik P. Sharda
  73. To Trap a Cop by S A Krishnan
  74. Stories of Us by Bobby Sachdeva
  75. Midnight Sun by Faiz Yusuf
  76. Summer Days and Summer Nights by Roy Callaghan Vegas
  77. My Ramyeon Girl by Netra A. 

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