In this semi-dystopian world of doubt, anxiety, disturbances, isolation, and oblivion, let us discover ourselves by losing ourselves in every fluttering page of a book.

So here’s Step 1 of me discovering me.

I am Apurba Ganguly, AKA Lady Bookamore, a young adult hailing from the sprawling cultural metropolis of Kolkata (to be precise, the East of India), and I will be sharing my thoughts and views on different books written in English and Bengali — prose or poetry, novels or short stories, old or new, famous or yet-to-be, popular or unpopular…YOU NAME IT.

Book reviewing has now become a trend. It is a road already trampled upon by many by now. Then why go with the flow?

I have embarked upon it to discover all of my selves.

Welcome to the verbal vortex of Lady Bookamore!

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