Life in Different Colours by Pratik P Sharda

  • Title : Life in Different Colours
  • Author : Pratik P Sharda
  • Book Type : Anthology of Short Stories
  • Genre : Fiction, Life
  • Edition : Kindle eBook
  • Publisher : Notion Press
  • Year of Publication : 2020
  • Number of Pages : 188

— Blurb of the Book —
If one can safely assume something, many of us who love reading are unable to do so due to lack of time to read a full novel running into a number of pages.
Life in Different Colours offers the readers short and captivating stories, which focus on some facets of life as seen by the author, woven into a world of fiction. Each story in this book can be read within a maximum of thirty to forty minutes.
But that is not all. The author hopes that, through his imagination captured in these stories, these stories will not only make for a good read but also help the readers in some manner.

— Lady Bookamore’s Views —

First and foremost, I thank the author for giving me an opportunity to review such an inspiring anthology of short stories.

Life in Different Colours is a simple collection of short stories, allowing you to see life itself from multiple perspectives, with the help of various storylines which converge into that one sensation we are acquainted with — living our lives. An insightful take on how life stories are different yet similar, Life in Different Colours encourages you to look beyond the surface and dares you to hope for happiness.

The first thing I liked about Life in Different Colours is the structure of the anthology. To write a short story is tougher than writing a novel. Short stories are supposed to present its theme within a span of not more than 10-15 pages. The linguistic economy associated with the writing of short stories is itself a challenge set for the writers. The genre of short stories has always had few authors, most of whom are known for their subtlety and plot twists. Life in Different Colours attempts to do the same — creating the element of surprise within a span of 7-8 pages or so. Secondly, each short story narrates a particular incident or scenario, which seems very common to us, only to infuse within them an unusual, unpredictable aspect. And it is quite amusing to see that almost every story has a sharp plot twist in it, often more than two in one story itself. Thirdly, the characters. I am glad the author doesn’t waste words to describe every character, a typical trait in most writers trying their hand in writing for the first time in the genre of short stories. The author, in Life in Different Colours, prefers to keep the story brief and crisp, keeping in mind the time crunch of the reader. Kudos to the author for doing his best to maintain the linguistic economy.

However, there was one glitch which I could not avoid. Life in Different Colours has plot twists, yes; but they seem a bit too absurdly set in the context of the story. In some stories, I noticed that the plot twists were either too overwhelming, or too unsuitable in the respective context.

Yet, I appreciate the author’s attempt in this book. Acknowledging the preface to Life in Different Colours, I am indeed impressed by the author’s efforts towards this particular book, and I hope to see better works by him. I convey my best wishes to the author for his future endeavours.

Lady Bookamore rates this book 💙💙💙.5/5

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