To Trap a Cop by SA Krishnan

  • Title : To Trap a Cop
  • Author : SA Krishnan
  • Book Type : Novel
  • Genre : Thriller, Crime Fiction
  • Edition : Paperback
  • Publisher : Leadstart Publishing
  • Year of Publication : 2020
  • Number of Pages : 288

— Blurb of the Book —

One of the top cops in the city of Sthapan – Deputy Commissioner of Police Reyansh Meran is having a bad week. And it culminates with a man shoving a gun at his face. The problem for Reyansh is that in the Police Force, he hardly has any friends. In any case he is not the kind of guy who makes friends easily; in fact, far from it. And with the few friends he has, most of whom are on the wrong side of law, Reyansh has to try and find why a man escaped from prison just to kill him – because it is definitely not a case of personal vendetta.

A tale of murder and mystery and much more…

— Lady Bookamore’s Views —

Firstly, I thank the publisher for giving me an opportunity to review yet another thrilling work of crime fiction.
To Trap a Cop is a fast-paced novel full of plot twists and surprises which unfurl throughout the meandering course of the novel. To be honest, thrillers and mysteries with cops in it, take the plot to a whole new level. Do not judge the book by its cover. I repeat. Do not judge the book by its cover. It is crazy, it is gripping, and worth your time.

The first thing I liked about To Trap a Cop was how the story has loyally followed the conventions of crime storytelling. Beginning and ending with a prologue and an epilogue respectively, To Trap a Cop encapsulates an action-packed story of a prison break, coo chases, and the thirst for vengeance. A typical thriller story. Next up is the setting. Dark and noir in its themes from the very beginning, To Trap a Cop never fails to retain the enigmatic charm that lurks throughout the story, thanks to the picturesque and splendid third-person narration. Thirdly, the themes. The suspense in the story prevails hand-in-hand with the ever increasing actions in To Trap a Cop. In fact, the plot has been woven so intricately, as if the reader was visualising the contents of the book on a silver screen. In addition to that, I really appreciate how the author has created a story which typical in style, yet genuine as far as the story itself is concerned. At one point, the plot seemed so convincing that I felt that whatever was happening in To Trap a Cop might turn out to be true!

However, the only glitch I noticed in To Trap a Cop was how the characters have been moulded. If only each character was given sufficient space of its own, emphasising their individuality (instead of remaining as stock characters), the book would have been far better than being a “just another crime novel”. I usually don’t comment on cover illustrations, but personally I felt that a minimalistic design would have made it more beautiful.

I convey my best regards to the author for her future endeavours.

Lady Bookamore rates this book 💙💙💙.5/5

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