Philosophy and Apocalypse : Sacrifice by Ameya Kale

  • Title : Sacrifice
  • Author : Ameya Kale
  • Book type : Novel
  • Genre : Sci-Fi, Philosophy, Life, Fiction, Disaster
  • Edition : Paperback
  • Publisher : Leadstart Publishing
  • Year of Publication : 2016
  • Number of Pages : 298

— Blurb of the Book —
Henry Ashford works as a top virologist and toxicologist at his office facility. He has a good life in the suburbs; a loving wife and friendly neighbors. Deciding to take some time off, he plans a surprise vacation for him and his wife to Rome. Tragedy strikes as Henry’s life is completely turned around by a series of incidents. Coming face to face with the persons who perpetrated these horrors, he swears revenge and is prepared to fight. Little does he know that what is about to happen will change his life again. Henry is thrown into a spiral of physics, philosophy and history. He begins to uncover secrets. Secrets about the human race. Secrets that are paradigm shifting. The people he is talking to are passionate about only one thing: to save mankind. And apparently, only Henry can do it. But this time, the only way to save mankind is to destroy it first.

Lady Bookamore‘s Views —

First and foremost, I convey my heartfelt gratitude to the author for giving me an opportunity to review such a phenomenal work of fiction.

Describing Sacrifice only as a sci-fi book with apocalyptic elements would be an understatement. It has an unfathomable philosophical depth, inspired from the likes of Descartes, Freud, Plato and so on. The novel brings to you certain questions pertaining to the human consciousness & the afterlife, which are intriguing as well as astonishing. Indeed, this was a gripping work of fiction which will definitely pique your interest.

The first reason behind my admiration for Sacrifice is simple — it explores questions which we often ask ourselves in times of solitude and mindful contemplation. It is indeed relatable to everyone of us. At some point, we have asked the following questions — What is the purpose of my existence? Who made us in the first place? What happens to the soul after we die? Is there any life after death at all? Sacrifice brings forth these questions and endeavours to answer them in the best ways possible. Secondly, the constant interactions between the characters speak volumes about the theme of the story. In fact, Sacrifice is entirely based on the dialogues among the characters. The narrative, in this case, is indeed good; giving more space to the characters and allowing their ideas to bloom; and it is in this way that the novel responds to those philosophical questions with utmost clarity. It is indeed surprising to realise that the readers, and not merely the protagonist, are involuntarily at the receiving end of all the concepts and ideas that run riot in this book. Thirdly, Sacrifice witnesses the development of the plot not on the basis of the events, but through the mind of the protagonist. Yes, the story mostly develops within the mind of the main character, Henry. While the destruction of mankind is of course an important event in the book, nothing can replace the significance of how Henry’s mind reacts to every new idea it stumbles upon.

Yet, there were two glitches in this book which I did enjoy reading. One, the structure of the novel. The hasty time-jumps from the present to the past and back to the present often becomes a very tiring affair. Most importantly, there are certain errors within the contents itself. Two, the entire focus on the characters. I believe that the story could’ve been more brilliant if the author could have devoted more attention to the setting of the story. It seemed that the characters were more prioritised that the surroundings in which they were. This concentrated focus on The characters, their thoughts, their gestures and actions seemed a bit too overwhelming.

Keeping aside the p(l)otholes, I felt that Sacrifice still remains as a good debut work by the author. Juggling with such profound ideas pertaining to science, life, and philosophy is indeed a big task by itself, along with weaving a plot as a newbie. I have hopes on the author to come with better stories and greater ideas. I convey my best wishes to the author for his future endeavours.

Lady Bookamore rates this book 💙💙💙.5/5

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